The seed that falls on the footpath represents those who hear the gospel, but who do not allow it to penetrate their hearts and minds Verse12 The seed that lands on the rocky soil represents those who hear God’s Word and receive it with joy, but over time their commitment is shown to be shallow and superficial Verse13 The seed that lands among the thorns represents those who appear to believe, but who let the cares of this life slowly choke out any growth Verse14 The seed that falls on the fertile soil is the seed that actually takes root to produce spiritual fruit.

What is the difference between this? The key to their sucess can be broken down into three steps: 1 They listen to Gos’s Word 2 they obey God’s Word and 3 they persevere to produce a huge harvest.

By letting God’s Word take root in your heart and life, we will grow stronger and be able to withstand the storms of life.


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